Royal Imperial Chrysanthemum Mead

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Royal Imperial Chrysanthemum Mead

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Due to overwhelming popular demand for the original Chrysanthemum Mead
launched in 2020, Lion City Meadery decided to re-imagine this brew as a 14% wine style mead. Incidentally, this makes it their first commercially available wine style
Retaining much of the same elements from the original brew, you still
the dense earthy notes and the dry bitterness that comes from over-steeping
the chrysanthemum flowers in a typical homemade chrysanthemum tea. Only
this time they decided to ramp the ABV to 14% to increase the density of the
This mead is very rich and dense. While it can be appreciated as is, it will also
do very well when aged for a year or more in the bottle.
Finished uncarbonated and at 14% ABV, this mead, to paraphrase someone
“feels like a satisfying drink in a tavern after fighting dragons the whole day.”
Best served chilled in a glass with or without ice. A touch of sparkling water will
open up the floral notes from the chrysanthemum. As with all our seasonal
meads, this mead is a one-off brew. 700 numbered bottles are made available
while stocks last.

Style: Imperial Chrysanthemum Wine Style Mead
Volume: 700ml
ABV: 14.0%

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