About Us

The last couple of years have been somewhat boring, so when we were spending most of our free time drinking at some of Singapore's best bars, we thought why not get involved and bring some great new breweries to our little island!

We want to make great British and European craft beer beer truly accessible to the masses, we believe beer should be for everyone, not just for the privileged! Because nothing makes us happier than when we are sharing a cold, hoppy refreshment with our friends and families, we'll do our best to keep our selection affordable, new and exciting!

Our meticulously handcrafted selection, should have enough variety to satisfy everyone's thirst! Some of our beers are super limited, you'll have to be fast if you don't want to miss the latest releases! Go check them out now, or we might get there first!

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for us in your favourite Singapore establishments, don't forget to say Hello! 

- Beer Clan (Craig & Stella)