Lübecker Zwickel

Sudden Death - Lübecker Zwickel - Zwickel Kellerbier

Lübecker Zwickel

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Our refreshing, straw-yellow and naturally cloudy, regional cellar beer with its
snow-white, fine-pored and creamy head is what we mean by a
typical North German thirst quencher. Obviously, because we are
Coastal boys and girls, grew up here. Accordingly, our
Kellerbier with naturally floral hop notes and light malt notes that are wonderfully
with its special, typical bitterness. Together with the
sparkling, perfectly pronounced carbonic acid, the taste unfolds to
a refreshing and invigorating drinking experience, which complements and
balances out any dish.

What makes this cellar beer different from others? Firstly, we brew in
our small, regional, craft brewery at the Gollan shipyard in
Lübeck. On the other hand, we only use high-quality ingredients to make our
requirements for the desired taste profile.
Last but not least, we do not pasteurize or filter our cellar beer,
so that the aromas of the hops do not evaporate. This is why the
Lübecker Kellerbier only in cans and barrels to keep it fresh and long-lasting
remains – for full enjoyment!

The Lübecker Kellerbier, a Zwickel straight from the tank into the glass – and a homage to the city in which we built our beloved brewery – our home.

Style: Zwickel Kellerbier
Volume: 440ml
ABV: 4.8%

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