Clementine Crusher

Holy Goat - Clementine Crusher - Valencian Clementine Sour

Clementine Crusher

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Golden Sour with Valencian Clementines.

Blended from three batches of golden wort, each brewed with local Scottish barley, wheat and oats, and fermented with multiple Brettanomyces and bacteria strains. Gaining a deep citrus funk from 5 months aging in tank, we decided to pair this base beer with one of our favourite citrus fruits. 

We manually zested, juiced and pulped over 100kg of winter harvest clementines from an organic transitioning, pesticide free, Cabet family farm who are part of the Bétera Agricultural Cooperative in Valencia. In addition, we added 200l fresh juice, which was utilised with the spunding method to carbonate the beer using only natural fruit refermentation. This process has the added benefit of trapping delicate fruit aromatics in the beer.

Style: Valencian Clementine Sour
Volume: 375ml
ABV: 6.2%

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