Barrelworks Scarlet

Basqueland - Barrelworks Scarlet - Raspberry & Vanilla Porto Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Barrelworks Scarlet

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A blend of selected 15-month Porto barrel-aged Imperial Stout and 6-hour boiled young Imperial Stout that has been heavily conditioned over raspberry and vanilla beans. A giant clash that results in a boldly flavored beer with tantalizing dark nuances, a warming body, and a beautiful black color with a red hue.

On the nose, intense Porto aromas together with ripe raspberry with a touch of vanilla, followed by hints of cocoa, wood, dark fruits, and spices. In the mouth, it is dense and sweet, combining the flavors of the port barrel with dark maltiness, earthiness, and raspberry character.

A beer meant to be shared. It pairs amazingly well with strong cheese, and dark forest pie, but is equally enjoyable on its own.

Style: Raspberry & Vanilla Porto Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Volume: 660ml
ABV: 11%

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